Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Design Work- "Clear the clutter"

Feeling overwhelmed on the thought of organizing your home ?

Clearing out some of those unwanted and unused stuff will bring a clean and organized look to the room. Start with a single room instead and it will make whole lot easier.

1) Firstly, decide on picking a room to start the work on. Write it on a paper and this will be your plan of action sheet.
2) Reward yourself: Designate an appropriate reward to give yourself on the dumping portion of the job. The reward concept serves as your motivation, so be sure to choose something that you’d really enjoy! Write this reward on your Action Sheet.
3) Set a deadline for dumping and a scheduled time. Ex: April 30
4) Once you feel you've gotten rid of the clutter, your first achievement is accomplished. Take advantage of that reward you designated.
5)Keeping it organized: Now that everything in that room that you wanted dumped is gone, you’re ready to begin putting everything you are keeping back in an organized manner. Be very careful not to put anything else in this room that you don’t want.
6)REPEAT. Repeat this process for each of the other rooms in your house.

Here are some of the pics I've taken after clearing the clutter and organizing various rooms............

Living room

Dinning Area


Start your first step to declutter now :) ... do leave your comments !!


Abdul-Quddus said...

Hi! The interiors of your Living room, Dining area and Kitchen are good. The plan of action you prepared to take action is good. I would like to see how you design a bedroom. Thanks for sharing.

anees said...

Hi, your plan of action is really useful ... It may help me in my task. The interior looks so elegant . Placing a plant at the corner of the dining may give fresh look to the room .As bhaiya said, me too eagerly looking forward for your bedroom design