Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cherry blossom Festival - Part I

Here I come again with yet another interesting art event that i have attended at Cupertino, CA. This spring festival in the park, celebrates community, culture and craft with great exhibits, arts & craft vendors, great food and outstanding free entertainment.

Coming straight to the point...less talk more photos..!!

Ceramic pottery and dishes on display

Wooden deer portray- hand made

Hand painted portrays, what an innocent eyes...

Ceramic whistles ....i guess they are lockets in a thread

hooohoo colorful stuff...

100% cotton carp/koi wind sock for hanging in the breeze. Traditionally Japanese, these carp wind socks are nice to hang for special occasions or for everyday color!

Hand painted designs on glass/porcelain base

I like to hear what you think of this art & crafts exhibition..your comments give me zeal to write more ..!!

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