Saturday, May 8, 2010

Islamic Art & Paintings

These Islamic art and paintings that i have captured from the artists, have immense talent and genius ability . The collaboration of modernity into the islamic art is simply impeccable. Have a look by your self....

Some of the artists whose work I have found interesting are
Salma Arastu
Sarah Wajih
Hajra Meeks
Revival Arts

I would like to hear what you think of these paintings.. drop in your comments..!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cherry blossom Festival - Part II

I've noticed tiny and cute plants placed inside beautiful small jars, cups and what not !!
Have a look by yourself ... These bring out a great look into the room interiors...they were just unbelievable.

The size was just as tall as my palm...

Miniature houseplants.....

Bamboo shoots...brings "Good Luck"

Yet another tiny flower baskets...

Hope you liked it !!... I would like to hear what you think/ or want to see something write in!!

Cherry blossom Festival - Part I

Here I come again with yet another interesting art event that i have attended at Cupertino, CA. This spring festival in the park, celebrates community, culture and craft with great exhibits, arts & craft vendors, great food and outstanding free entertainment.

Coming straight to the point...less talk more photos..!!

Ceramic pottery and dishes on display

Wooden deer portray- hand made

Hand painted portrays, what an innocent eyes...

Ceramic whistles ....i guess they are lockets in a thread

hooohoo colorful stuff...

100% cotton carp/koi wind sock for hanging in the breeze. Traditionally Japanese, these carp wind socks are nice to hang for special occasions or for everyday color!

Hand painted designs on glass/porcelain base

I like to hear what you think of this art & crafts exhibition..your comments give me zeal to write more ..!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Artistic Talent !

I was so fascinated by the Modello decorative designs which are jaw dropping. Modello produce designs and techniques that will inspire a whole new generation altogether. One of the famous artists Melanie Royals, has a design studio and are leaders in designer quality decorative stencils, stenciling and decorative painting tools and techniques.
I was interested in showing some of their wonderful work of ceiling and concrete modello designs in my blog.

Concrete design using modello stencils

Moroccan concrete design style

Moroccan concrete design style

Moroccan concrete design style

Ceiling decoration

The final finish .... its amazing...

All in a days work ....

Image source by Melanie Royals blog.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Design Work- "Clear the clutter"

Feeling overwhelmed on the thought of organizing your home ?

Clearing out some of those unwanted and unused stuff will bring a clean and organized look to the room. Start with a single room instead and it will make whole lot easier.

1) Firstly, decide on picking a room to start the work on. Write it on a paper and this will be your plan of action sheet.
2) Reward yourself: Designate an appropriate reward to give yourself on the dumping portion of the job. The reward concept serves as your motivation, so be sure to choose something that you’d really enjoy! Write this reward on your Action Sheet.
3) Set a deadline for dumping and a scheduled time. Ex: April 30
4) Once you feel you've gotten rid of the clutter, your first achievement is accomplished. Take advantage of that reward you designated.
5)Keeping it organized: Now that everything in that room that you wanted dumped is gone, you’re ready to begin putting everything you are keeping back in an organized manner. Be very careful not to put anything else in this room that you don’t want.
6)REPEAT. Repeat this process for each of the other rooms in your house.

Here are some of the pics I've taken after clearing the clutter and organizing various rooms............

Living room

Dinning Area


Start your first step to declutter now :) ... do leave your comments !!