Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Batik design - Malaysia

On my visit to Malaysia, I got the opportunity to visit the Batik design workshop... I've got some scarfs as souvenirs :) as souvenirs make the holiday more memorable.

Batik is a delicate art, which requires patience and skill. This is basically 'Printing Out with Wax'. Producing batik is a unique process of wax blocking, then dyeing, drying and boiling of clothing materials through a repetitive process, done by hand. It demands skilled craftsmanship and constant quality control.

The unique part about batik design is "NO TWO PIECES ARE EXACTLY ALIKE !"

Batik Malaysia is different from the Indonesian or Thai batik in design and motif, especially handprint method.

Gallery of batik design where craftsmen do the intensive design patterns ...

Some of the products of Batik are Batik Sarong, dresses, blouse, dungaree, jumpsuit, vest, bathrobe, short pants, long pants, shirt (kemeja), tablecloths, skirt, children wear, jumpsuit and more......

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