Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terrarium Gardens

The other day I was reading about terrariums and thought this could be a beautiful and greener way to bring more life to a room.
Terrariums can be created with the most everyday of objects. A glass jar on top of an inexpensive vase.

Everyday containers such as carafers and vases can make ideal terrariums. These showcase a miniature guzmania bromeliad; maidenhair fern and selaginella; and a mix of selaginellas, button fern, and variegated dizygotheca.

Create a terarium in 3 simple steps:
1. Choose a container large enough to hold the plants you wish to enclose.

2. Now, set the base. After washing the container, lay a half inch of acquarium gravel for drainage. Sprinkle with fine charcoal, then top with a light, moist, peat-beased packaged potting soil.
3. Select plants that stay small, grow slowly, have shallow roots , and love high humidity and low sunlight.
Cliff off any leaves that touch the glass to prevent rotting.

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Rekha said...

Terrariums are a great way of bringing landscape into the interiors. Nice post.